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I studied economy at the “Distance-University Hagen” beside my permanent employment as a sport-teacher for the city of Munich. My focus there was on studying about leadership, personal development and organizational behavior. In my final bachelor-thesis the main-theme was to work-out the benefits of the heart2heart-dialog for an organization and co-lerning methods wich are needed for problem solving in a global world but are not teached in our school or university-systems. Based on this thesis I developed my heart2heart-dance work-shops and ministry. Learning together is ment to be fun and in the moment.

I also studied 2 Semester Biology at LMU in Munich. My love for health & food  is founded in the knowledge and experiences I made in that time.

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Sport & Dance Education:

I also did a 3 years state-approved Gymnastik-Teacher apprenticeship (Bode-School Munich) with of “Modern Dance” as my main focus and many different sport-educations Ballett, Lyrical Jazz, Jazz, Folklore Dance, Pilates, HiTT-Workout, Spinal Excercises, Streaching, Relaxation-Training, Fascia-Traiing,… : https://www.bode-schule.de/ausbildung/

Since 2004 I am sport-teacher for the City of Munich. So that´s why my dance-workshops are mostly in the bavarian school-hollidays or at weekends. Taking dance classes myself every week in Lyrical Jazz, Ballet, Modern Dance and Dance-Improvisation like in this 10 day Gaga-Dance Workshop August 2018. Our teacher was the professional dancer Bosmat Nossan from the Batsheva Dance-Company in Israel.


2016-2017 I did an apprenticeship with “MovementInWorshipEngland/Brighton About: WorshipDance for Co-Dancing & Solo (with 7 Weekends in Brighton and weekly dance-training in Munich/Germany):  http://miw.org.uk/about

From age 4 to 20 I was a ski-racer and later for 15 years ski-teacher at Skiclub FFB. My love for nature, energy, flow & moving/dancing freely developed in that time.
You think “what the heck has skiing together with dancing”?
Good Question: It´s the swinging, the powerful energy you feel while going down hill –
Or simlply that energetic feeling of beeing fully alive !!!! That feeling of UNITY with your mind – heart – body – nature & God

Dance experience – in public:

1. Part of the official Danceteam Awakeining Europe (Celebrating with 25.000 People) in Nürnberg 2015


2. Danced with Saara Taina ,Dance-Pastor BethelChurch, in Duisburg for intercession  (July 2015)


3. Dancing at the Christmas Service in my former Chruch in Olching near Munich (24.12.2016)



4. Modern Dance Solo at the 75 year celebration of the „Bode-School for Gymnastics“
In Munich before about 400 people (1996)


5. Danced about 6 years at many wednesday in Munich CityCenter with our Team.
I leaded this team about 2 years.


Some of my Dance-Teachers: 

Deniz Doru                                                                                       

Bayrischen Staatsoper München and many Projects in TV and Dance Videos:

Go to his LyricalJazz Classes in Studio1 Munich as often as possible

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Christa Coogan Juilliard School NewYork, MA Dance-Science University Salzburg:  She teached me 3 years ModernDance and Dance-Improvisation  




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