I. University:

I studied economy at the “Distance-University Hagen”

beside my permanent employment as a sport-teacher for the city of Munich. My focus there was on studying about leadership, personal development and organizational behavior. In my final bachelor-thesis the main-theme was to work-out the benefits of the heart2heart-dialog for an organization and co-lerning methods wich are needed for problem solving in a global world but are not teached in our school or university-systems.
Based on this thesis I developed my heart2heart-dance work-shops and ministry. Learning together is ment to be fun and in the present moment.

I also studied 2 Semester Biology at LMU in Munich.

My love for health & food is founded in the knowledge and experiences I made in that time.

II. Theological 

2018-2020 Part of the GodEncounter Creative Team – TrainingSchool in Nürnberg

2017 XHope Church Bibleschool Alumni & DDT with MovementInWorship England

2015 One month part as visitor of BSSM Bethel Church and SSM Bibleschool in Bielefeld and Munich

III. Sport & Dance Education:

3 years state-approved Gymnastik-Teacher at the
TechnicalUniversity-Munich in cooperation with Bode-School Munich

with “Modern Dance” as my main focus
and many different sport-educations Ballett, Lyrical Jazz, Jazz, Folklore Dance, Pilates, HiTT-Workout, Spinal Excercises, Streaching, Relaxation-Training, Fascia-Traiing,… :
Since 2004 I am sport-teacher for the City of Munich. Besides other physical training (ball, gymnastik, games) I also teach there dance. So that´s why my dance-workshops are mostly in the bavarian school-hollidays or at weekends.
Taking dance classes myself every week in Lyrical Jazz, Ballet, Modern Dance and Dance-Improvisation like in this 10 day “Gaga-Dance Workshop”

2016-2017 I did an apprenticeship with “MovementInWorship” England/Brighton
About: WorshipDance for Co-Dancing & Solo (with 7 Weekends in Brighton and weekly dance-training in Munich/Germany):

August 2018. At the Tanzwerkstadt-Europa of the city of Munich

Our teacher was the professional dancer Bosmat Nossan from the Batsheva Dance-Company in Israel


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